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Orchid Lake

These are new apartments currently under construction and projected to be completed spring 2024. Orchid Lake’s 90 units will double our housing capacity, increasing the total number of our residential units to 180. For a list of FAQs about Orchid Lake, please go HERE.

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Veteran's Housing Program

Housing Facilities

HFH Supportive Housing properties are located throughout Brevard County. Currently, we have 93 units and manage a variety of housing to include permanent supportive, Section 8/VASH, and low income.

Healing First

Housing for Homeless has partnered with both Health First and Parrish hospitals to provide safe shelter and supportive services to patients experiencing homelessness, who require off-site rehabilitations after discharge. The primary goal of the Healing First Program is to provide the patient with the environment and services needed to promote the patient’s recovery, self-sufficiency, and end to homelessness.

Through the Healing First Program, patients are referred to our organization, where they are immediately sheltered and begin an individualized housing and stabilization plan. This occurs while our medical partners ensure proper medical services are in place for the patient.

Through the individualized housing and stabilization plan, our Case Managers meet the patients where they are on their journey to self-sufficiency. Focus points include steps to ensure continuity of medical care, as well as steps to obtain identification documents, a source of income, and a housing solution. The Case Manager also utilizes any community resources or services for which the patient may qualify to promote the success of their housing and stabilization process.


Q. When will Orchid Lake become available for renting?

A. We anticipate that applications will start being taken in the First Quarter of 2024.

Q. How big is Orchid Lake?

A. 4 buildings of three stories plus a clubhouse, a splash pad, and a children’s play area

Q. How much accommodation?

A. 90 Units 38 x 1-bedroom, 38 x 2-bedroom, 14 x 3-bedroom.

Q. Who can apply?

A. 45 units will be set aside for individuals and families saved from homelessness and rents will never be higher than 30% of the individual or family’s income.

45 units will be for “workforce” individuals and families earning up to $56,000 a year, and rents will probably be, depending on inflation, around $850 for a 1-bedroom, $1,000 for a 2-bedroom, and $1,150 for a 3-bedroom.

Q. Will there be other qualifications for applicants?

A. For those units set aside for individuals and families saved from homelessness, HfH Supportive Housing will continue to observe the Housing First philosophy, and all applicants will be given due consideration as directed by the Fair Housing Act. Special consideration will be given to survivors of domestic violence and those transitioning out of foster care

Q. What services will be available?

A. There will be case management supportive services for those individuals and families saved from homelessness. All individuals and families will be able to take advantage of a computer room, gymnasium and visiting agencies such as Brevard Health Alliance and CareerSource will be providing regular services.

HfH Supportive Housing, March 2023